The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • this is not, as it might appear at first glance, a slowing of the life journey; the unconscious imposes a detour on the dreamer only when he, even if subconsciously, resists certain uncommon schemes (e.g. images of prenatal memories – see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype), when he resists acceptance of experiences of the emotional or spiritual level, then the detour will lead him away from the original path and guide him to new experiences.
  • sometimes the vision of a long detour can lead the dreamer to a radical and unconventional solution in which, for instance, he uses abilities of the active imagination to overcome obstacles (see Active Imagination).
  • if the dreamer chooses the detour in order to avoid anticipated encounters, then he needlessly delays solving a problem.
  • a slower life path or problems on the path to understanding; see Journey, traveling.