The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • revived animals (e.g. rabbit, hare, raven, coyote, jay or mink): in the myths of North American Indians they bear the mythological essence of a "trickster" and can appear in the dreams of contemporary people as a prankster and bungler that is often destroyed by its own pranks and trickery; it ends up injured or even dead so that the trickster*70 in the personification of an animal comes back to life.
  • matter comes to life: brings to the dreamer's consciousness a whole new view of the outside world; a frequent image of the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype as a representative of the unknown.
  • a toy committing violence comes to life: a strong warning from the unconscious since the dreamer overly prefers reason which drown his possible happiness in conflicting emotions.
  • objects come to life: the past and memories in the dreamer still live and enter the dreamer's consciousness in the form of a dream so that they are understood and resolved.
  • sculptures come to life: see Sculpture.