The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Drain pipes, drains and cesspits

  • obsolete and unnecessary emotions (waste liquid) flow through pipes or drains away from the dreamer.
  • if the dreamer moves within them, this is a very frequent image of the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype; such a dream tries to lead the dreamer through the difficult process of subconscious recollections of prenatal and birth experiences that form everyone's consciousness; only upon controlling the emotional pressures of these experiences can a person smoothly continue the process of self-knowledge.
  • cleaning: in the extent of filth and impurities the unconscious shows the dreamer the amount of cleansing that he will have to undertake in the near future.
  • water or other liquid emanating from the waste: foretells of a very unpleasant period in which some emotional problems return to the dreamer and he will have to deal with them again.