The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Opposite (antithesis)

  • the unification of female and male antitheses is extensively described in the Anima - Animus and Coniunctio archetypes.
  • people of opposing character traits in a single dream (e.g. greedy and generous): the importance of such an image lies mainly in the demonstration of both antithesis so that the dreamer realizes that he must constantly zigzag between the antitheses to which his personal existence is bound, and thus he must become aware of the antitheses through dreams so that he then questions and understands the state of unity in which antitheses do not exist (this process causes the unification of antitheses in the Anima – Animus, Coniunctio, UFO – Initiation Ceremonies and Attentiveness archetypes).
  • see Antitheses.