The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • in the sense of a departing, leaving: see Departing.
  • in the sense of deserting: for a person's smooth mental and spiritual development it is good if he gradually abandons sexual and instinctual images to fill images of the emotional level with his own experiences and later, if emotional experiences become the permanent content of his consciousness, to abandon the emotional level of experience and become fully part of the spiritual level.
  • feeling abandoned, lonely: this is a negative state that arises from the ego and from the need to share the company of others, to have our views and opinions validated by them; feelings of loneliness are especially frequent with young people at the start of their life journey (e.g. the step toward independence) or at the star of a spiritual journey when a person often feels isolated and bitter since he does not find in others (usually family and friends) agreement with his own differing attitudes; the way out of this vicious circle is by understanding the positive influence of loneliness on one's soul and by filling it with the presence of the self (being a light to oneself and later also to others).