The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • cog railway: when climbing into the mountains it greatly helps for a steep, but safe ascent from instinctual and emotional contents of the mind to the spiritual; in descending it guarantees a safe return from spiritual heights back to the emotional experience without the threat of a fall to instinctual levels of experience.
  • a machine with a chain and gearwheel: the individual links of the chain and interlocking cogs symbolize the fates of individual people, fate that fit precisely into each other and create an imaginary form of the karmic cycle of rebirth*75.
  • a toothed vagina: a sadistic element that evokes an experience linked to castration (see Castration) and the possibility of being devoured and death.
  • a large toothed, threatening and deadly vagina: clearly relates to the negative part of the Mother archetype (Terrible Mother), represented in e.g. Indian mythology in the form of the goddess Kali (see Father – Mother archetype).