The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • gypsies test the dreamer's tolerance so that the dreamer forgets his prejudices and blanket condemnation, so that the dreamer learns to forgive and help; they teach us to understand that part of our self that is of an avaricious world, spontaneous and highly emotional, volatile, fickle, unable to be in one place, unable to remain in one state and led by an uncontrollable desire for a nomadic way of life.
  • doing business with them: financial loss in the near future.
  • being robbed by them: a call for forgiveness and later for indifferences, since motives of dream gypsies are mostly existential.
  • being attacked by a gypsy: schizophrenia, since while one part of the dreamer longs for spontaneous fulfillment in the world, the second prioritizes completely different, more emotional and spiritual values.
  • listening to gypsy music: the awakening of spontaneity can in the near future result in both a romantic experience as well as a stressful experience from the inability to control one's low desires.
  • gypsy children represent spontaneity that destroys many; the spontaneity that is within everyone even though we don't want to admit it.
  • friendship with gypsies: represents the dreamer's ability to tolerate that part of his own being that wants to be drawn into the colorful events of the world.
  • it is very positive for the future if the symbol is concealed under a veil of indifference and tolerance, under a veil of the desire to help others regardless of their differences.