The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Feeling, sensing

  • it is important to divide feelings into sensory and "extra-sensory," since their essence and meaning are different.
  • sensory feelings: deal with the outside world, or rather the inner reflection of this world (see those symbols that concern feelings).
  • "extra-sensory" feelings: through internalization and the gradual understanding of influences of external phenomena, a person reaches his psychological nature so that he is able to feel the content of the dream mind (thoughts, feelings and uncontrolled instincts) of other people or even of other beings of another level; the cause of the appearance of this phenomenon is the discovery of an adequate approach to that which is lower, already overcome: this is compassion. Then in encountering that which is higher a person is able, with humility in his heart, to feel e.g. the enormous spiritual potential of certain dream people or beings.
  • odor or smell: see Scent.
  • see Feeling.