The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • lamps: a futile attempt at casting light on a problem bothering the dreamer.
  • top hat: refers to a ceremonial event; this event does not necessarily concern only the external material world but can also apply to the inner, psychological world once the dreamer achieves significant progress toward self-improvement.
  • a spatial "enhancement" of a circle since it symbolizes unification; its task is to lead the dreamer to an understanding of the unity principle.
  • sometimes frees the dreamer's mind from phallic symbols.
  • as a central symbol of a dream image or sign: the unconscious is directing the dreamer's attention to the principles of unity.
  • being inside a cylinder: this image posits the dreamer against everything outside the cylinder since the internal is an incomprehensible aspect for everything external; this image marks the beginning of a problematic coexistence with people due to differing inner convictions.
  • turning: represents karma*26 and all factors maintaining a being in the cycle of reincarnation (time, space, fate, antitheses); the path inward from the edge of the cylinder, where dizziness often occurs due to the turning speed, brings an understanding of symbols of gradual unification; the "timeless" point is located in the very center, where all ideas collapse, the breaking point, from which everything can be viewed only in absolute unity without antitheses.
  • cylinder-shaped spaceships (including UFOs): while lenticular-shaped spaceships belong to the female component, those that are cylinder shaped belong to the male component; see Spaceship.