The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Alcohol (except for wine)

  • it should be realized that alcohol harms the soul, although sometimes it may benefit the body; the unconscious is on the side of the soul, which is why it will lead a person to abstinence, though also to tolerance of people consuming alcoholic beverages since a hatred for alcohol is proof of an inner, even unsuspected dependency.
  • on the table: temptation.
  • seeing: testing the unconscious whether we will succumb to the temptation for excitement, intoxication and ecstasy.
  • tea with alcohol in it (e.g. with rum): impatience leads to dependency, from the spiritual to the physical and sensual.
  • drinking: prioritizing physical experiences over mental health and spiritual purity.
  • refusing a drink: taking the right path of self-improvement; refusal should lead to subconscious abstinence in dreams.