The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • appears in dreams if the dreamer is practicing in waking consciousness meditation and spiritual exercises, then the acquired habits gradually (after 3 or 4 years) pass into dreams; then in dreams the dreamer can conduct mental and spiritual exercises with a much stronger effect than those in waking consciousness; spiritual exercises in dreams enable the dreamer to more clearly recognize how the slightest sexual arousal nullifies higher states of consciousness.
  • based on inner dispositions and karmic maturity samadhi can lead to various states in which bliss can be experienced on a spiritual level, or transcendental bliss or, in the best case, samadhi leads to the absolute; in touching his consciousness with the absolute, spiritual activity is halted, which leads a person to an understanding of his own role in the world and completely changes his perspective of the world around him.
  • according to Tibetan sources spiritual exercising in dreams is nine times more effective than the same practice during waking consciousness.