The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Solitude, loner

  • feeling abandoned, lonely in solitude: this is a negative state that arises from the ego and from the need to share the company of others, to have our views and opinions validated by them; feelings of lonesomeness are especially frequent with young people at the start of their life journey (e.g. the step toward independence) or at the start of a spiritual journey when a person often feels isolated and bitter since he does not find in others (usually family and friends) agreement with his own differing attitudes; the way out of this vicious circle is understanding the positive influence of loneliness on one's soul and filling it with the presence of the self (being a light to oneself and later also to others); if a person feels lonely in solitude (he misses other people, feels isolated, abandoned and bitter) such an image is a warning of an ill-considered withdrawal to seclusion, of the inability to overcome emotional relationships in the name of the spiritual level.
  • solitude brings a feeling of freedom and liberty to spiritually oriented people; such people feel in solitude free and aware of themselves; their life is filled with the presence of the "here and now;" if such solitude appears in dreams, then the unconscious is showing the dreamer the path to realization*68, so that he safely passes through the darkness (the dark night of the soul*45) to the eternal light of being.