The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Sled, sledding

  • seeing a sled or sleds: the unconscious is urging the dreamer to learn to move elegantly, deliberately and joyfully on the level of spiritual experiences.
  • sledding is a year-round sport in the unconscious and, unlike skiing, sleds do not have the phallic essence of skis and therefore they are far safer for staying on the spiritual level.
  • sledding symbolizes the dreamer's ability to move in a certain environment and in certain conditions (on snow and ice – spiritual level, on melting snow – transition of the spiritual level to the emotional level, on grass, dirt, sand – instinctual level; rocks belong to all levels and represent past acts and their consequences and therefore are a symbol of karma*26).
  • sledding on snow: symbolizes the dreamer's ability to move in a spiritual environment (snow and ice) and to perceive the experiences of this level; such perceptions are often only subconscious and more express uplifting and liberating feelings (peace and calm, forgiveness, selfless love, compassion) from waking consciousness, without a person being able to realize the spiritual level of these experiences (these dreams are accompanied by relaxedness, joy and playfulness).
  • the symbol is intensified by: a lot of snow, children (a unifying phenomenon) emotional personification (usually siblings), dreamer's birthplace and other spiritual symbols.
  • racing on sleds: useless building of the ego since it will result in either pride or desire.
  • breaking a sled or sleds: you will soon struggle with inabilities to reach spiritual experiences.
  • repairing sleds: symbolizes the desire to refill the consciousness with spiritual experiences.