The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • can relate to a possible feverish illness and the need to sweat, though sweating in a sauna usually represents a healing of emotions in which the deformed emotions, including sexuality, leave the body with the sweat; a hot sauna has in this way the power to cleanse emotional content of the dreamer's mind and recently experienced emotions.
  • cold: symbolizes a temporary inability to heal emotions, since the dreamer is still unable to expel instinctual experiences from the mind, and the ego is preventing him from establishing emotional relationships.
  • taking off clothes in a sauna, naked in a sauna: see Nakedness, naked.
  • rapid temperature changes of the sauna and outside air or cold water: they have the ability to activate in the subconscious tucked-away memories of not only the present life and to lead the dreamer back to the deep past and to the future (see Past and Future Visions archetype).