The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the violent interruption of the process of gathering life experiences that are needed stimuli on the path of self-knowledge, which is why suicide is, from a human perspective, a serious moral failing that a person will someday have to pay for; this view applies in waking consciousness and in dreams.
  • the characteristics of suicide are traits that were formally assessed by the dreamer's consciousness as deadened, but in reality are not well processed, understood or even deadened and therefore the dreamer will have to face them again in time.
  • being suicidal: a very negative image that warns the dreamer of his fear of facing life problems; sometimes such an image can mobilize the hidden forces within a dreamer.
  • of a child: a warning of a tragic fall from the emotional level back to the instinctual; this negativity can affect the dreamer through a serious crisis even for several months; the image comes from not understanding the meaning of the unification process and karmic relations (karma*26 and Law of Karma*34).