The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a powerful tool for eradicating erotic-sexual symbols (trees) in the unconscious, which in the dreams of men can, as in "The Lumberjack" tale, lead to the discovery and later to the healing of the dreamer's spiritual anima (the princess).
  • usually an instrument of terror for instinctual personifications.
  • sculpting objects with an axe: the forming of a natural animal principle in oneself to the image whose essence is depicted by the shape and character of the sculpted object; but beware: everything wood always has an instinctual essence that cannot be eliminated processing it into beautiful works; symbolizes the construction of the dreamer's personality (for more on constructing a personality see the Persona and Individuality archetypes).
  • cutting firewood: elimination or forming of natural animal principle in self.
  • an axe as an executioner's tool: frees the dreamer from the clutches of the material world and leads him in the death experience to understanding true individuality; the executioner's tool is therefore a very positive symbol and should be a welcome companion of dream images no matter how horrific his act may seem; see Execution.