The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • precisely on time: symbolizes lasting friendship.
  • having enough time before a meeting: the unconscious praises the dreamer for hitherto self-improvement work, but it is also pointing out that the path does not end but continues.
  • chance: practically does not exist in dreams; all people, events, encounters and conflicts have their set order and meaning; only by misunderstanding certain content of the psyche does the psyche put the word "chance" in a person's mouth and therefore it is very important to discover in the dream itself that chance meetings do not happen.
  • the most beautiful encounter: takes place on the border between the emotional and spiritual level.
  • with saints: brings the dreamer spiritual blessings.
  • brings conflict with unpleasant traits that the dreamer has set aside without proper processing and understanding.
  • the dreamer is prevented from saying his own opinion at the meeting: the unconscious is preventing the dreamer from "obscuring" the image with the wrong view so that he understands the meaning of shown scenes without distortion.
  • at work: brings a clash with the unpleasant contents of one's mind, with contents that relate to personified traits (in the figures of colleagues); usually a foretelling of problems at the workplace in actual everyday life.