The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the unification of the schizophrenic human being wrapped up in a restless world and also longing for peace and tranquility within leads to activity of unexpected force of mind in the form of archetypes that help a limited human understanding clarify inner processes.
  • it is disunity and also bears tremendous psychological healing potential since the unity hidden deep within the human soul continues to exist; spiritual development must rid a person of a split personality and disunity of mind; this can be greatly aided by meditation, which reveals the essence of being.
  • once a person enters the path of self-improvement, it is inevitable that his personality splits during mystical processes under the pressure of concentration; a person is aware not only of his own inner states and processes, but also of everything external, which immensely enriches the experiences of all levels of consciousness, since his perception is deeper and better; yet every process of splitting entails dangerous pitfalls and, therefore, if such states appear in dreams, I recommend reading the Attentiveness archetype, which can help protect a person from inevitable psychological problems.