The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Drinking glass

  • this is not a clear sexual symbol like other vessels since its content shifts its other, more emotional meanings; unlike the more hidden symbol of the pot, the contents of the drinking glass, and also therefore the mind's content, is clearer; only milk, cocoa and chocolate give the symbol of the drinking glass a sexual tint.
  • washing: purification and desire for clear thoughts.
  • of water: a strong desire for pure thoughts when we drink water; a weaker desire for this if we only see a glass of water.
  • objects seen at the bottom of a glass: the essence of the dreamer's desire and also the driving force of his life.
  • breaking, giving, leaving: sometimes this forebodes the end of a relationship, sometimes it confirms at least a momentary emptying of the mind in waking consciousness.
  • breaking glasses (e.g. after a toast): represents the dreamer's subconscious desire to end a past state, to draw a thick line behind the past and start a new life, new relationships freed of past mistakes.
  • see Glass.