The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • putting clothes into a closet: an attempt to eliminate the superficiality of the personality and to find a non-egotistical state that will not manipulate the dreamer's consciousness; this image is often accompanied by unification symbols (e.g. children) or symbols of the emotional level.
  • demonstrates the possibilities of dressing the contrived personality and suppressing real individuality (more on this clash in the Persona and Individuality archetypes).
  • contents of a closet: see Clothes.
  • unlocking, locking: see Key.
  • see Furniture.
  • an allegory of the mind and thus its contents (can even be beverages – emotions) is the contents of the dreamer's mind.
  • all symbols that we put inside a cabinet are those that we consciously want to process and understand.
  • all symbols that we take out of a cabinet are those that we remove from our minds and refuse to deal with; it is obviously better if this symbol is internally understood before removal.
  • inspecting a cabinet not belonging to you: the dreamer is interested more in the minds of others than his own; this is a very negative image awakening only negative traits (lust, envy, hatred, arrogance, pride, selfishness etc.).