The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • rare, unique: see Gem.
  • selling (especially if it is rare): a very negative symbol that confirms a deepening crisis since the dreamer is depriving himself of the chance to recognize his state of being.
  • strengthens the ego and prevents a smooth self-improvement process; it can also symbolize a certain partner relationship.
  • like all ornament it belongs to the ego and therefore for successful development it is good for the dreamer to refuse jewels or to have an indifferent attitude toward them.
  • wearing, owning in it: being overly wrapped up in oneself can bring a momentary feeling of complacency, but one will soon become disillusioned with the pride felt.
  • losing: this very negative symbol confirms the deepening of the dreamer's crisis.
  • with a cross: the fate of the dreamer's being is inextricably linked to the symbol of the cross. (see Cross).
  • for more details see the individual types of jewels.