The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • elephant tusk: a clear phallic symbol.
  • elephant trunk (pointing up or down): see Trunk.
  • with a rider or obedient to a master: shows the inner instinctual force through spontaneous conscious will.
  • without a rider or master; free and wild: this is a warning for the dreamer since inner instinctual power uncontrollably passes from the subconscious to conscious life in which, without the ability to tame and control it, it can wreak great havoc on the dreamer's life.
  • a young lion: symbolizes the playfulness of a recently discovered source of inner instinctual force that can be more easily tamed and mastered.
  • toy elephant: expresses mastered inner instinctual power and the ability to channel it in the desired direction.
  • changing into a turtle: inner instinctual force (elephant) turns into emotions.