The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • emotion penetrated by the intellect; while emotion is instinct penetrated by the intellect (this is wisely expressed by the sage and philosopher Osho: "Sex is the seed, love is the flower and compassion is the scent."
  • the highest component of emotion that ceases to be an emotion and becomes a spiritual trait, leading a person to divine experiences and states.
  • once compassion is added to the symbol of a physician, then the emotional level is elevated and improved by one of the spiritual elements and the dreamer approaches full understanding of the spiritual level.
  • stands high over remorse which is part of the essence of humanity and also of the ego; compassion is a depersonalizing and cleansing virtue and the path from remorse to compassion is the path from an egotistical life to a transpersonal feeling of all-embracing love; in perfect compassion a person completely forgets about himself (his ego), which enables him to find an ideal state of being (see Ideal).
  • it is not sentimentality, but as an emotion under conscious supervision or reason, it belongs to the important process of the moral cleansing of a spiritual person that unerringly leads to impersonal acts of virtue to the benefit of others.