The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the dreamer's dark side (antithesis) in a moral struggle or psychological conflict; however, after resolving one conflict it is inevitable that others come so that the dreamer improves his own psychological and spiritual side.
  • in sports: in an attempt to eliminate the power of the ego the dreamer first encounters the unfair acts of opponents in order to gradually learn without malice in his heart to accept unfair acts and even to find compassion for people who inconsiderately struggle through the jungle of human relations.
  • a parent of the same sex is considered an opponent by the dreamer: in the subconscious erotic relationship of the son to his mother and daughter to the father, the parent of the same sex is perceived as a sexual opponent (Oedipus complex*49 or Electra Complex*50).
  • is often a negative personification of the Shadow archetype, and in it the dreamer assumes the role of the hero; see the Hero and Shadow archetypes; the strongest and most impressive opponent is personified evil that the mystics called Mara*3 and precisely defined his qualities, the way he draws life force and the way to overcome him.
  • for a full understanding of the opponent's role in dreams we must also take into consideration the symbol of (see) Fight, Battlefield, Fighting and the symbol of (see) Beating, fight.