The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • athletic: belongs to the instinctual level since the rhythm of sports has a clear relationship to sexuality; competitions and honors belong to the Treasure archetype and are often fulfilled past wishes (especially for former athletes or fans).
  • symbolizes egotistical experiences, the desire to be seen, which from an emotional or spiritual standpoint is a futile waste of time, even if the competition concerns emotional symbols (e.g. poetry, music or singing).
  • with personal participation and usually with the dreamer's victory: the unconscious yields once suppressed images (repressed wishes) that we have abandoned in waking consciousness, but whose potential remained unfulfilled in the mind; now through a dream the repressed wish is fulfilled and then disappears from the mind and ceases to exist (it is very fortunate for a person that such wishes can be discharged through dreams since otherwise these wishes and the need to fulfill them would never be achieved).