The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • any connection (even of objects) symbolizes emotional ties, with which we often directly in a dream understand karmic origin (karma*26).
  • a permanent connection (e.g. riveted joints): symbolizes a solid emotional relationship.
  • transportation connection: see Journey, traveling.
  • radio connection: synonymous with a fleeting emotional relationship though it can be viewed by the dreamer as turbulent and warm.
  • telephone line: see Telephone.
  • of fire and water: one of the important milestones of the development of inner creative power; spiritual writings and many alchemical treatise describe similar states.
  • of a mother and son or of a father and daughter: an extremely important dream and turning point; to grasp it one must understand the principle of the unification of antitheses on an instinctual and emotional plane (see Anima – Animus and Coniunctio archetypes); many alchemical tracts*86 speak of a similar union.
  • sexual intercourse: see Sexual intercourse.
  • the dreamer's sexual union with a virgin: see Virgin.
  • with a supernatural creature: Hieros gamos*88 is a very rare phenomenon.