The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • along with bathing the most frequent means of moral purification and also helps replace the instinctual content of the mind with the emotional.
  • seeing others shower: the unconscious is alerting the dreamer to the need for moral cleansing.
  • unwanted: if the dreamer does not try to change, instincts will remain an unpleasant emotional bath.
  • of a child: attests to important work by the dreamer on his own self-improvement.
  • of the head: cleansing the mind of everything instinctual, sorting out the ballast of ideas with emotion (water).
  • the colder the water we shower with, the better the moral purification.
  • of objects and self: a subconscious attempt at transforming this showered symbol; if the dreamer's consciousness remains in an emotional area and at least momentarily feels compassion, then such a transformation can actually take place, otherwise the symbol is usually parodied by the unconscious so that the ensuing images become a painful thorn in the soul for future change.
  • showering with arousing erotic images: the dreamer is unable to maintain the purity of the emotional content of his own mind and draws instinctual images into it; these images usually result in a fall to the instinctual sphere in which emotions no longer dominate.
  • showering with clothes on: in clashing with the strongest aspect of the emotional level (water) the dreamer is still unable to free himself from the personality (for a description of the personality see the Persona archetype).
  • regular dream showers: usually foretells of future defeats of instinctual symbols and personifications.
  • and washing with soap: see Soap.
  • and thorough cleansing: has the power to dramatically transform the dream setting so that the dreamer, who has become morally pure, can confront the contents of his own psyche; the symbol's culmination is transformation (witnessed and experienced).
  • helps the dreamer remove the moral impurities known in Greek mythology as the "Augean stable," i.e. all the impurities that he has created in instinctual living, impurities that he, like the mythical Heracles in an almost superhuman effort, will have to clean.
  • deciding to shower instead of departing on a journey: the dreamer has realized (even if subconsciously) that moral cleansing is more important for further development than continuing on the life journey with his present foundation (unsound mindset).
  • and the moral cleansing entailed in it: offers the dreamer the chance to return to images of the past and to rectify mistakes that he once committed to free himself from their consequences (karma*26 and the Law of Karma*34).
  • a naked pair showering (woman and man): if sexuality does not enter into the image then it is a unifying image of the emotional level (emotional anima with emotional animus); for more on this complex unification of antitheses see the Animal – Animus and Coniunctio archetypes).
  • showers directly in a corridor: the gradual completion of the process of understanding the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • see Water.