The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • for an animal: an attempt to understand, domesticate and control his own instinctual content to the benefit of an emotional and later spiritual life.
  • for an ill person: moves the dreamer to the emotional level of experience; these dreams therefore evoke joyous feelings; concerns for the ill enable the dreamer to acquire compassion which is needed for the ascent of consciousness to the spiritual level of experience; see Illness.
  • for a child: expresses the longing for unification of antitheses of the male and female principles; see Child.
  • for oneself: it is important to distinguish here whether this is an egotistical concern that we won't obtain or will lose something, or an unfulfilled wish on the path of self-knowledge that propels an emotional and spiritual person.
  • ridding oneself of concerns: the meaning of the dream depends on the worries we rid ourselves of and the circumstances.