The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • seeing a mayor: the unconscious is urging the dreamer to assert his will, self-control and the ability to manage lower instincts (instinctual consciousness) by a higher mind; it is therefore good to have a positive and correct relationship with the mayor.
  • being a mayor: the dreamer has consciousness under control and is able to understand images arising from within; yet this sometimes consists of a fulfilled wish from the past since the desire to manage and control others has created tension in the dreamer's mind that will have to be discharged by the fulfillment of the wish; it is very fortunate for a person that such wishes can be discharged through dreams since otherwise these wishes and the need to fulfill them would never be achieved.
  • needing a doctor: the need to realize that emotion should be added to a strong will, since will, void of emotion, is indicative of dictatorial ways.