The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Building material

  • earth, mud, clay: symbolizes unstable mental resistance and the inability to resist emotional pressures (water).
  • stone: represents an act and its fateful path to consequences; the stone is thus a symbol of karma*26; since stones represent past acts and their consequences, it is very good if the dream stones have been worked or are even covered with ornaments, or if beautiful or even monumental edifices have been made from the stones.
  • brick, block, panel: represent a basic construction element from which the human personality (ego) is built, which is why these materials often prevent a dreamer from passage or entry into other buildings representing humility (e.g. to churches); if the materials have a color, see the color.
  • concrete: has the properties of stone, but we can more easily imprint our ideas into concrete, which is why concrete products (even the shape is important in these) or edifices can be both beneficial and detrimental to us; see Concrete.
  • children's building blocks: see Game.