The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • stone: either a protective element separating the dreamer from something dangerous or an obstacle that stands in the dreamer's way or prevents him from moving.
  • of dirt: symbolizes unstable mental resistance and the inability to resist emotional pressures (water).
  • tilting: the dreamer's chance to see concealed or forgotten content of his own mind.
  • a missing wall of an apartment or house: symbolizes the subconscious desire to close oneself to the world.
  • restrictive or threatening moving walls: clearly a memory of the birth drama with which everyone's consciousness is psychologically imprinted; the only question is when this content will emerge from within; the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype describes the entire process.
  • round or moving: usually an allegory of the womb; see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • walking through a wall: this is not such a strange experience in the unconscious since it symbolizes one of the birth experiences in which the fetus penetrates from the womb through the previously impenetrable wall birth to the birth canal; see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • nail in a wall: see Nail.
  • leather, leather-coated: the dreamer can expect increasing material wealth, though this often entails deprivation on the emotional level (leather intensifies the given meaning, leatherette reduces it).
  • gunny-covered wall: protection against instinctual personifications.
  • fur or trophy on the wall: indicates victory over instincts, a victory that semantically relates to the instincts that the killed animal entails.
  • the color of the wall (see Color) or ornaments on the wall can add to the interpretation.