The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a strong grasp with hands: can confirm or foretell of a warm relationship or friends, though often sexual images and themes are the result of such pressure; for grasp of dirty hands and other details see Hands.
  • painful clenching of part of the human body (seeing or experiencing): symbolizes the desire for profit at the expense of feeling.
  • someone clenching the dreamer: if the dreamer knows this person, then the traits linked to this person are trying to transform the emotional part (the dream body) into material gain; if the dreamer does not know the person then the squeezing is the result of the dreamer's prior activity (in this way the dreamer's unconscious is warning of remaining among the instinctual symbols and personifications).
  • of animal jaws: symbolizes threatening instincts.
  • teeth prepared to bite the neck: sexuality is threatening to disturb the relative balance between reason and sensuality (this is a warning against the complete control of instincts over one's being).
  • pressing or controlling: if the dreamer is able to easily control it, then this is a very positive image of the conscious processing of the content of his own mind.
  • the trigger of a gun: see Shooting.