The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • if we descend in a dream, we should reascend in the same or ensuing dream, since people are given the constant desire to separate themselves from matter and find an emotional and spiritual paradise in the ideal state of being.
  • it is good if we ascend gradually since only then are we able to sensibly utilize the experiences of ascent with a safe return to earth.
  • steeply ascending: expect a difficult period, even if you manage the ascent.
  • of a mountain: every successful ascent on a mountain enables the dreamer to see new horizons, new possibilities and, based on the complexity of the images, the difficulties of the ensuing period can be sensed; see Mountain, mountains.
  • exiting a dark cave into the light: clearly expresses a subconscious recollection of the culmination of the birth experience (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype); a very positive state for the future of the dreamer's development.
  • ascent by stairs: can symbolize a person's actual ascent (not only in waking consciousness) and his attempt at realization; yet these dreams can also be very dangerous since the dreamer often forgets in them about the effort and discipline to which he had recently submitted himself, and succumbs to pride, which is a foretelling of an upcoming fall.
  • on a ladder: see Ladder.