The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the longing to remove clothing (remove the personality – ego) and nakedness entail a certain danger if the dreamer is sexually aroused and does not manage to control his desire or if he feels self-gratification from revealing himself to others (see Exhibitionism); such stripping and nakedness has nothing in common with the self-improvement process and is a mere instinctual image.
  • a subconscious attempt to remove the superficiality of the personality (clothes) and the attempt to find a non-egotistical state (nakedness) that will not manipulate the dreamer's consciousness; yet with the emergence of eroticism, sensuality and sexual desire the unconscious attempt collapses and, instead of a positive depersonalized state, the ego is strengthened and, along with instinctual desire, and there occurs the inevitable fall to the instinctual level of experience (often even with pornographic images).