The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • dream shooting is a response of a suppressed aggressive sexual instinct in waking consciousness; the force and course of discharging suppressed sexuality can be deduced by the size of the weapon and intensity of the shooting.
  • an alleviating dream in which the dreamer releases excessive tension from within through catharsis*69; it can be assumed in this case that sex will be the means of catharsis (the phallic shape of the barrel, the ejaculating bullets).
  • of a crossbow, arbalest: see Crossbow.
  • of a bow: see Bow.
  • by a firearm (including target shooting competition): see Firearm or see individual type of firearm.
  • injures instinctual and emotional personifications, but does not at all affect spiritual personifications that are completely immune to weapons or bullets or are able to catch the flying bullets or even redirect their direction back at the shooter.