The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • silver color: possesses a relation to the female component of the soul (anima) and therefore silver is the color of femininity; it has an even stronger relationship to the anima (see Anima – Animus archetype) than blue since it relates to the moon; the opposite of the color gold relating to the sun (animus).
  • a silver moon (emotional anima) and golden sun (emotional animus) in the same image: the unification of antitheses and a frequent image of savants in alchemy.
  • in its highest meaning: synonymous with pure light (of a divine pure mind) and a gateway to wisdom and knowledge.
  • object (especially round): may relate to the moon (see Moon).
  • individuals longing for silver or silver objects are significantly lacking the female component of the psyche in their soul.
  • in the same image with gold: the mutual effect of the female (silver) and male (gold) component of the psyche:
  • inherently belongs to the Alchemist archetype in which it relates to the purification of being.