The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • of Homunculus or Golem*46: symbolizes the division of a lower instinctual nature from the being of the novice (alchemist) so that the novice rises from the dust of earthly life to the divine experience; see Alchemist archetype.
  • of the world: not necessarily such an accessible theme for dreams as it may seem from a time perspective; once we experience such a dream, it is only up to us how we interpret (biblically or scientifically) the more detailed description.
  • creatures, objects: all depersonalization brings to dreams, even if temporarily, wonderful experiences of the active imagination*41; people in love often experience this in dreams (see Active Imagination archetype).
  • of much more importance is if the dreamer fully understands the unity of everything created and also of that which still lies on the level of uncreated as the potential of everything that exists; he will then see the gateway to understanding the essence of the existence of everything created*29, the peace and tranquility of that not created and, above all, the ceaseless cycle of rebirth*75.
  • during the act of creation there arise forms from a formless void*31 and, conversely, the process leads creation in unifying antitheses back to unity (involution to an implicate order*37).