The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • especially in the dreams of women:
  • illustrates the eternal struggle between a contrived personality and genuine individuality (for more on this struggle see the Persona and Individuality archetypes); unlike other clothing, sexual meaning is enhanced with a skirt.
  • as with other clothing, a skirt is a barometer of the dreamer's attempt to build or suppress his own ego.
  • skirt color (seen and worn): shows which personality the dreamer prefers (e.g. red shades prioritize an emotional personality).
  • finding someone else's skirt: the dreamer has managed to unveil the sexual intentions of others.
  • the dreamer is worried that she will lose her skirt: fear that our carefully concealed sexually motivated desires will be revealed.
  • sewing: sex and the longing for sexual intercourse is becoming a central motive and is typical of the one who is sewing the skirt (this person can be someone the dreamer knows or his dream personification – e.g. instinctual animus or instinctual anima).
  • tearing, destroying: the dreamer's personality is suffering greatly in the material world; a frequent dream image that precedes a crumbling partner relationship; once the skirt looks more like rags, then see Rag.
  • seeing or wearing dirty clothes, with stains: a tarnished character and moral failings.
  • trying on a skirt: dissatisfaction with the state of one's personality and the attempt to change will lead to greater disillusionment with yourself.
  • wearing a nice, elegant skirt: significant external success is attributed to the dreamer's personality by admirers.
  • seeing a new skirt: the dreamer has the chance to change the sexual assessment of herself in the eyes of others.
  • giving or buying someone a skirt: flattering others or the desire to establish a relationship between the giver and the recipient, although such a relationship does not last for long since it is based on the admiration of one person for another.
  • leather: see Leather.
  • short: intensifies the sexual evaluation of the symbol.
  • taking off, seeing others take off a skirt: if the dreamer does not succumb to a sensual and erotic experience or lustful thoughts and views the removal of a skirt dispassionately as a liberation from the shackles of the personality, then the dreamer is becoming an emotional person.
  • washing, wringing out, drying, ironing: an important dream that directs the dreamer's experience towards the emotional level.