The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a moral corrective arising from within a person (categorical imperative*53); significantly helps on the path to self-improvement.
  • it is important to realize that none of us are blameless and therefore the conscience is heard in everyday life and in the dreams of all people; the conscience should not be suppressed but we should learn from our mistakes and moral transgressions and not repeat them; it therefore can be assumed that the conscience teaches us to be more moral and better, so that we can someday achieve realization*68.
  • usually appears in dreams in symbols (often an insect); sometimes in the form of an inner voice and sometimes announces itself to the dreamer by scaring, besieging or pursuing.
  • the dream police, as the main representative of the conscience's inner correction, plays a significant role in the symbol of the conscience.
  • an attempt to maintain the conscience as clean as possible plays an important role in the transition from an instinctual life to the emotional and later even to the spiritual.