The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Saint, saintess

  • as morally blameless people they should be a shining model to all since they are accompanied by harmony in which joy and sorrow dissolve through wisdom and knowledge; representatives of the Wise Old Man archetype.
  • being a saint or saintess: a very negative image; once a person sets out on the path of understanding his own psyche, he will find within himself many personality masks and will identify with them (apotheosis*23), the dreamer might then appear in dreams as a saint, savior, Jesus, Virgin Mary or Joan of Arc; these masks are void of inner content and merely entice the dreamer with the words: "Put me on and you will be perfect and famous and all will envy you." (as soon as a person is trapped in this kind of labyrinth of masks of different personalities, he should immediately read the Treasure archetype).
  • encountering saints: brings the dreamer spiritual blessings.
  • pictures of saints: if they are revered by the dreamer as a symbol of divine reality then this is a deep mystical act, but if such images are an object of a collector's interest, then the dreamer is reduced to mere "profiteering in the temple," which Jesus Christ*60 once sharply rejected as a heinous act.