The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • unlit: a clear phallic symbol; the wick protruding from the candle's end is synonymous with ejaculation.
  • lit to someone, for someone, for joy: represents emotional hope since the power of concentration (fire) consumes the dreamer's sexual nature; we show an emotional relationship to the person for whom we are lighting a candle.
  • lighting a candle: suppresses individualism and egotism.
  • a candle is illuminating a room, space: a futile attempt at casting light on a problem bothering the dreamer.
  • a candle whose light has extinguished: can symbolize the death of an acquaintance of the dreamer (usually within nine months).
  • completely burns out: can symbolize a death or the end of a long-term affair.
  • an unconventional shape of a candle can also be important for interpreting the dream.