The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • of the Moon: see Moon.
  • of light: see Light.
  • shining cage: see Cage.
  • radiant and divinely singing: attests to attaining a beautiful state bordering on the emotional and spiritual levels; yet to achieve permanent spiritual states the tantalizing singing must be resisted and one must set out on a further journey (the similarity with the legendary Firebird is no coincidence).
  • shining and often a sublime color: the dreamer's soul is undoubtedly approaching an understanding of supersensory reality.
  • a shining yellowness: symbolizes divine intuition*64 that comes from within.
  • shining plants: a very rare symbol that belongs to the spiritual level of experience.
  • shining plants or flowers in an arbor: this is a very clear allegory of the concluding birth process when the painful pressures on the newborn's body have already passed and sexual images linked to the greatest suffering in the birth canal have disappeared (see Basic Perinatal Matrix); these scenes are often accompanied by visions of a light that also permeates the dreamer's body.
  • white shining furniture: the mind's spiritual content.
  • one's hands are shining or pulsating with light: instinctual sexuality (normal hand) was replaced by spiritual content (light); in the beginning the image is usually unpleasant, but this negative feeling that comes from not adapting to the spiritual level, disappears after a while so that an indescribable experience of peace and tranquility appears.
  • shining heart: see Heart.
  • white and even shining figure: purity linked to light, knowledge and wisdom; self-knowledge; in its highest form a shining creature indicates a divine mind.