The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a snake shedding its skin: see Snake.
  • taking off pants or a skirt, seeing others do it: if the dreamer does not succumb to a sensual and erotic experience or lustful thoughts and views the removal of trousers dispassionately as a liberation from the shackles of the personality, then he is becoming an emotional person.
  • taking off other clothes: an attempt to permanently eliminate the superficiality of the personality and an attempt to find a non-egotistical state that will not manipulate the dreamer's consciousness; this image is often accompanied by unification symbols (e.g. children) or symbols of the emotional level.
  • the desire to take off clothing (take off the personality – ego) and go naked: bears with it a certain danger if the dreamer is sexually aroused and does not manage to control his desire or if he feels self-gratification from revealing himself to others (see Exhibitionism); such undressing and nakedness have nothing in common with the self-improvement process and is a mere instinctual image.
  • erotic, sensual, exciting: see Striptease.