The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • everyone bears his cross deep within; everyone will have to someday, perhaps in a future life, pull it out and purify it (altruism*58, moral refinement, meditation and studying spiritual writings); everyone will have to (like Jesus Christ) leave the material world and material body behind and rise to the heights where man – the son of God – has always belonged.
  • usually linked with Christ's sacrifice; though on the one hand it symbolizes the final suffering in the world of people, it also means the ascension to a higher spiritual level.
  • an artistic depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: see Calvary.
  • of the body: it is in fact the crucifixion of the personality for the rebirth of true individuality.
  • seeing or experiencing Christ's journey to the cross and crucifixion: such deep experiences*73 accompany the spiritual path of Christian mystics, including the final redemption – realization*68.
  • once a person returns in his waking consciousness from the world and identifies with Christ's suffering on the cross (mystical death*79), stigmas can appear in the realm of dreams and sometimes even in waking consciousness – see Stigma.