The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • like all clothing belongs to the personality and ego.
  • of a serving staff: see Livery.
  • of a railway employee: symbolizes help on the future life journey.
  • police: if it is only seen then it draws attention to inner correction of the conscience or to the categorical imperative*53, if the dreamer is wearing it then it becomes an active agent in the struggle with one's incorrectness, lack of discipline, wickedness and criminality.
  • military: a symbol of inner discipline; if it is visible, it draws attention to the need for inner discipline (especially in overcoming instincts and sensual desires); if the dreamer dresses in or wears the uniform, then he is becoming an active agent in the fight against moral failure and instinctual urges.
  • military, camouflage: see Camouflage (camouflage uniforms).
  • police and military: these uniforms in particular resist moral lapses, sexuality, desire and egotism.
  • old-fashioned: can be a subconscious reminder of one of the dreamer's past lives (see Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • enemy: see Hostility.