The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • fleeing a fight: dreamer's reluctance to undergo a moral struggle or spiritual conflict; see Fight, battlefield, fighting.
  • from undesirable images and dream personifications: the dreamer subconsciously understands that he is currently unable to openly face these images or personifications.
  • from personifications with high military ranks: represents an unreadiness to control your instincts.
  • from a massacre or images of the destroyed world: the unconscious is leading the dreamer to abandon his past view, ingrained ideas and to lead him to a new world (see Apocalypse archetype).
  • tactical: see Tactics (strategy)
  • from a snare, trap: see Ambush.
  • impossibility to escape from an enclosed object (usually with a threat from outside as well): a prenatal memory of the second phase of the birth process in which the fetus is threatened by the outside world and still does not see a chance to escape (closed cervix); see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • only escape path (usually from enclosed spaces): an allegorical comparison of the birth canal at the moment the cervix opens; see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • to a castle: usually results in a bad conscience and moral mistakes occurring.
  • to a mother or to a father: see Mother or see Father.
  • from a church: the dreamer is distancing himself from spiritual and emotional experiences so that he resorts to the instinctual life.
  • from a city: the path to finding peace and tranquility.
  • to a roof or to an attic: the image expresses the dreamer's attempt to hide emotions behind rational thinking, thereby justifying his insensitive acts.
  • people and objects preventing an escape: relate to traits and dependencies that the dreamer will have to overcome in waking consciousness.
  • a cow fleeing from the herd: a demonstration of the consequences of infidelity in the dreamer's vicinity (can also be the dreamer's).
  • cattle (often frantic): the dreamer is already exchanging the instinctual content of his consciousness with emotional content; see Cattle.
  • animals and dream personifications from the dreamer: symbolizes the predominance of the emotional and spiritual consciousness over instincts that are abandoning the dreamer's consciousness in the form of fleeing animals and instinctual personifications.