The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Ego, egotism, egoist

  • the ego only belongs to the material world and the instinctual level; with the emotional comes the struggle against one's ego and the spiritual plane requires the definitive and final destruction of the ego.
  • egotism symbolizes the projection of one's views and own thinking into the figure of an egotistical person with one goal: to assimilate this egotism first through understanding, and then through patient explanation to achieve compassion for this person, with the image of oneself in the recent past.
  • we deal with, see or feel egotistical behavior when we need to rid ourselves of this quality; triumph over egotism in our own behavior will occur when we manage to tolerate it in a dream; this is not a weakness, but the triumph of tolerance, from which understanding and compassion are born.
  • it is important to gradually get used to an egoless state (usually in experiencing death), since this forces the dreamer to lose his personality so as to find the egoless state; such dreams are an inevitable result of the self-knowledge process in which a person suppresses the manifestations of egotism; although loss of the ego is the goal of the spiritual efforts of many people, the initial contact with this phenomenon in dreams is usually quite depressing since its proves the attachment to the temporary component of the personality and the inability to see the real state of one's individuality; the states of the loss of personality are only temporary since getting used to an egoless state is very difficult; in such dreams it can lead to a split personality in which one part of the dreamer (witness) observes the other (suffering) – this component is described in the Attentiveness archetype; the Persona archetype and Individuality archetype explore this theme in length.
  • dissolution of the ego: one of the most significant moments in which a person surrenders himself to God so as to exchange his one-sided view of the world for the infinite ocean of being and to experience the ecstatic states of bliss; see the archetype of Attentiveness – surrendering oneself.