The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • emotions are not the main content of the unconscious as many present-day psychologists insist but are only one of many means by which the unconscious shows the dreamer the path to knowledge.
  • working with emotions: a very important act in one's self improvement; the attempt to raise the instinctual level of experience to the emotional.
  • own: showing the dreamer without deceit and falsity how he actually is.
  • of others: sets a mirror in which the dreamer (partially depersonalized by the personification of others) is confronted by his own emotions.
  • emotional coldness: moving away from the emotional level; in shifting experience to the instinctual level such emotional coldness could be called blunt indifference; in shifting toward the spiritual level it is always considered to be compassion.
  • once a person forgets about his reason, emotions and then even about himself, intuition*64 arrives which leads the person to the world of archetypes, to the world of terrifying personifications*65 of his own soul, but also to the magical experiences of higher levels.