The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • subject in dreams to the same laws as energy in the material world; cannot diminish and can only be transformed.
  • the visual transformation of energy shows the dreamer that all feelings and ideas have an energetic potential that must at sometime be discharged; in understanding this principle a person definitively understands the essence of karma*26.
  • "energetic dreams" develop interestingly: first the dreamer notices the energy in the dream world, then feels the energy in himself, distinguishes the positive and negative energy in himself and in his surroundings; later, through external and internal energy, the initiation of higher states of consciousness occurs all the way until the definitive awareness of emptiness that conceals within all potential future life; this development does not apply for extroverts since they waste most of their energy outwardly toward the world, toward material phenomena.
  • feeling heat energy: transforming sexual energy*27.
  • enabling the dreamer to fly or perform miracles: all depersonalization brings to dreams, even if temporarily, wonderful experiences of the active imagination*41; people in love often experience this in dreams (see Active Imagination archetype).
  • mental: symbolized by the color blue.
  • feeling inner energy: represents the beginning of work with inner energy that confronts the dreamer with a new and essentially difficult task – to transform this energy; this is later followed by an experience in which the dreamer's positive inner energy is nullified by sexual arousal.
  • there is unlimited creative potential in the human mind that can be powered by unlimited energy; it is only up to us how much energy we draw and how much energy we are able to transform.
  • all dream energy (external and internal) is always linked to chakras (psychic centers) and we can recognize by the nature of this energy which energy belongs to which chakras (psychic centers)*28.
  • equipment for transforming energy: completely unlike equipment from our everyday life (e.g. transformers) and shows (usually only allegorically) the way energy of our psychic centers is used.
  • of an antithesis: aims to offset energetic potential with its antithesis (unification) and thereby establish a perfect balance (a state without antitheses).
  • a woman giving energy to a man: while in everyday instinctual life sexual activity drains the male organism and energizes the woman, on an emotional level the transferal of energy works in the opposite way, i.e. the female emotional component brimming with emotion passes emotional energy to the man who lacks it (see Coniunctio archetype).
  • life: see Vital energy.