The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • usually this is an image transferred from waking consciousness that indicates the subconscious desire for the fulfillment of sensual lusts (erotic themes are accompanied in dreams by other sexual symbols – e.g. shoes, potatoes, cycling, chocolate, fruit etc.); sometimes this is the emotional result of the third part of an antenatal experience (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype).
  • in bathing: the dreamer is unable to maintain the purity of the emotional content of his own mind and draws instinctual images into it; these images usually result in a fall to the instinctual sphere in which emotions no longer dominate.
  • erotic images in the bathroom: the result of uncontrolled moral cleansing.
  • erotic printed matter: a foretelling of an attack of animality; the subconscious desire for the fulfillment of sensual lust.
  • sexual dream images reveal the dreamer's hidden desires as well as his inner conflict on the instinctual level.